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I've added some new pixel work and a UX Process tab.

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My 2ยข on just about anything, from the best milkshakes to adding noise to gradients.

iOS 7 – a seven y/o 90′s child


Do you remember being seven? I do; I was making Shredder masks out of shiny tin-foil, wearing a neon-green bracelet and a sporting a hot-pink Ocean Pacific wallet. Most product.. read more

In-app branding


Picture this: You download an application from a major brand, install it an open it. Is their logo in the app? Probably not. Now picture this: The same thing, but.. read more

iTunes 11


Today, Macrumors told me that Apple released iTunes 11. I wearily went to my personal laptop and proceeded to download, that way if I don’t like it I don’t have.. read more